Our vision

As young innovative software editor, Payinnov provides merchants with a comprehensive and universal payment infrastructure that integrates all innovative payment methods, including cryptocurrency

Today, 1.3 trillion dollars exist in the blockchain without being injected into the real economy. Payinnov aims to reintegrate this wealth into everyday economic activities by supporting merchants through its comprehensive and universal payment platform, covering both current and future solutions. In fact, 14% of merchants already consider not offering cryptocurrency payment solutions as obsolete. That’s why Payinnov guides and supports its clients toward a 360-degree payment strategy. Payinnov provides an omnichannel payment solution available on Google, Apple, and major e-commerce platforms. It finally enables each merchant to transform their customer relationship


Nadia Domec - Payinnov


Nadia Domec

Laurent Marchesin - Payinnov


Laurent Marchesin

Philippe Blot - Payinnov


Philippe Blot​

Ines - Payinnov

Product owner

Ines Khoufi​

Frédéric Payinnov

Lead Developer

Frédéric Diaz​