Empower merchants to master their customer relationship through payment

Payinnov is the 360 payment solution integrating also cryptocurrency payments. Thanks to a simple interface, Payinnov facilitates the use of these assets in commerce, thus promoting the freedom of merchants.

wallet payinnov

Capture new streams, Improve your margins, Enhance your image

As for cryptocurrencies in general, a projected 450 million holders worldwide are expected in the year 2023, and they can leverage the Payinnov solution

Ticket payinnov

Purchases in Euro, CB, Crypto, StableCoin and Token of the amount

Secure, instant payments, and a simplified and automated user experience

ecommerce payinnov

Plug-and-play integration into an e-commerce site or an app.

Plugins for various e-commerce platforms (Prestashop, WooCommerce…), turnkey integration with API calls, and access to app stores.

e-commerce payment

Payinnov envisions commerce without limits, harnessing the best of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies to connect merchants, consumers, brands, and networks within a single interface.

The Payinnov solution adds cryptocurrency payments, enabling merchants to have a direct and interactive customer relationship

Nearby payment

The mobile payment solution is a must for local retailers, and also complies with COVID-19 requirements.

100% contactless payment by scanning a QR code with a Crypto Mobile wallet.

Proximity payment

The Payinnov payment solution becomes essential for local retailers and is available on any Android MPOS terminal or iOS device.

A 100% contactless payment by scanning a QR code with over 340 Crypto wallets

Dashboard Payinnov

Crypto and Banking Platform

The Payinnov platform makes it easier for retailers to set-up an all-in-one 360 payment strategy.

Fully compliant crypto and banking services for Europe.

Configure, test, and manage your entire program from the Payinnov dashboard.